Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have managed to get some of my fall seeds in but not without increased back and leg pain. This is so frustrating for me because I was pretty much just supervising the girls from the sidelines with minimal involvement other than kneeling and occasionally leaning over! It seems that even that was too much for my fragile disc and I have been rewarded with several days of pain again. Frustrating but something I am going have to deal with for the time being. A lesson in patience perhaps? Maybe but not one I am enjoying!

The physical therapist told me that even "badly herniated" discs can heal and repair but it will take time. I need to tell myself this and remind myself that this reduced activity is temporary and for that I am very grateful.

So, we have beets, carrots and leeks in as well as a variety of herbs and the cucumbers that actually have baby cucumbers on them now. I am due to plant swiss chard, lettuce, peas and cabbages this weekend though it will be a purely delegated job this time. We are due to have temps in the 100's again the next few days, (very unwelcome to be sure), and I may wait until this passes because the seeds that are left to be planted do not do well in warm soil. The nights will still be cooler thankfully so the soil may stay cool enough for them to germinate.

I am grateful to have girls as my garden helpers. Without them I may not be doing a fall garden at all this year!


Bodaat said...

(soft, tender, healing hugs)


fullfreezer said...

So sorry that you are still in so much pain. I know how frustrating it is to be injured when there is so much to do. Please take care of yourself.

Esther Montgomery said...

How awfully awful. I once had sciatica and the pain was terrible. The source is similar - discs in the spine - so I'm imagining your pain is similar. I hope it gets better VERY soon.

shanna leonard said...

I just stopped by your blog - I found the link from another desert garden blogger.

I have just rekindled my passion for growing things, and live down south of you in tucson.

Coincidentally, a couple of years ago I was hit with a terrible back problem, severe pain. Eventually with the help of some wonderful physical therapists, and good docs, I got better. You have my utmost sympathy! hang in there!!

Mo said...

Hi Shanna, thank you so much for stopping by! I am afraid I am a bit irregular in my posts these days but will try to get some pictures up of our backyard and veggie garden. I know it is always nice to see what other desert gardeners are doing.

I am so glad your back is so much better now! :)