Saturday, October 1, 2011


Saturday is my very favorite day of the week. Sometimes I have to work but not today and that makes me happy. I feel as though I have a whole day stretched ahead of me with endless possibilities and I am so grateful that I am comfortable today.

Poor Em is sick. I can honestly say that she has only ever been sick once before in her life as a baby when she had an ear infection. Since starting kindergarten however she has had a continuous cold, a cough, and now a fever and sore throat. Are viruses and illnesses really so different in elementary school compared to preschool? So I am planning a low key kind of a day. I have some homework to do and Kendra has said she will plant the seeds that need to go in while I supervise strictly from the sidelines. It is still quite hot but is finally predicted to get cooler next week.... low nineties? Hmm we shall see.

For now though I will go and walk around the yard with my coffee and enjoy the peacefulness and calm of these cooler "fall" mornings.


leaner said...

We're having a house sort of day. Cleaning things that have been sorely neglected for a long time. Hoping a baby will take a good nap so that I can tackle messes that are making me feel miserable.
Gwennie has also had a non-stop runny nose since starting kindergarten! Its been heck for us all. She'll start to get better and it will begin running again! There have already been 3 cases of strep in her class. She's missed a few days because of a 24 hour flu-like virus. I am so over the illnesses!

Mo said...

Me too Leaner, I hate clutter and chaos and feel as though our house has descended into both states these past few weeks.

I hope Gwennie feels better soon too! It is very common for this to happen once a child is in a situation with lots of other kids around though I had expected Emmie would be OK after having done preschool. Ah well, it is all good for building up long term immunity though miserable for our girls right now.

Have a good weekend! x

Esther Montgomery said...

Happy tomorrow - the next Saturday.

Hope Em is better by now.

Mo said...

Thanks Es! Yes Em is all better after a round of antibiotics for horrible tonsilitis. Can't help appreciating the fact that we have these meds now. 65 or so years ago we wouldn't have been so lucky and so easy to forget that I think in this world that we live in.