Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This picture was taken shortly after I had the trees put in in 2005 and before I had planted much of anything else. It looks so different compared to the picture below.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Work in Progress

I have been working hard to get all the top soil spread in the backyard and have finished arranging the rocks over the edges which used to be brick. Alll that is left now is to finish the river rock wash and add the fine grade gravel.

The goal in re- landscaping was to remove the thirsty and very un-desert-like grass and create a more wild and natural desert landscape with low water use plants and easy maintenance. We cut our water useage in half the day we stopped watering our grass!

I have been looking back at some pictures of our backyard a few years ago and the transformation is striking.

Here is the view from our patio in July of 2007. Everything is very green compared to now because it is summer obviously-

And here it is now, I can't believe how much the trees have grown!

Here is the view from the end of the yard now including the new firepit, and the desert wash which needs finishing. The rocks are just dumped in their right now. I will be adding ground cover plants all along the edges of the wash eventually.

Here is a similar view from May of 2008.

I am so pleased with what we have created. There is much more to do. I have lots of planting plans of course, (the really fun part), but I am really so happy to have got rid of the grass and that ugly brick edging. I am also happy that we have saved thousands of dollars by landscaping it ourselves. I will post more pictures as the project continues.