Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This picture was taken shortly after I had the trees put in in 2005 and before I had planted much of anything else. It looks so different compared to the picture below.


Rohrerbot said...

:) It appears several members are stunned by the changes!! Cute what you're doing. Hope you are well....and hoping you get some rain this weekend. It's in the forecast:)

Titania said...

Hello Mo; it has been a long time. firstly I had also along break, I had enough for a while. Just read you had an operation. Hope you are well now and i guess your little one's have grown a lot and are a big help now! The garden looks amazing. All my best wishes. T.

Mo said...

Hi Titania, lovely to hear from you! I am on here very infrequently due to time restraints but still try to post once in a while. I am all better now thank you and yes, the girls are very grown up and helpful. I will come by and visit you too! :) xx