Friday, May 18, 2012

Solar Happenings!

Gosh, it has been such a long time since I last posted that Blogger has changed it's look and it took me a while to see how to write a new post!

Life has been so busy the past few months, I keep saying things will settle down but it seems that is not going to happen, well not until the girls are out of school next week perhaps?

I am still busy with the back yard. It is really almost finished but I am not sure I like the river rock wash now that it is done, and I may be making the rock pool area a bit bigger. I shall see. Apart from that all that is needed is the gravel, and it will be done. I will post pics when I get time.

Anyone who has followed my blog from the beginning will know that it started out primarily as a blog to document the progress we were trying to make to live a greener life. We have done quite well generally but I have been feeling like we had reached a plateau in that we still depend solely on the grid as our major energy source to cool and power our home.

I am excited to report that thanks to The Solar Phoenix 2 program we have embarked upon the process of installing solar panels that will almost entirely power our home with clean, green solar power. This rental program allows people to take advantage of solar energy who otherwise could not afford to due to the initial costs which can be considerable.

I am so excited about this for obvious reasons and feel as though this will be a major step towards us living a considerably greener lifestyle. Now I just have to continue working on reducing our gas useage which as I have mentioned before can be quite a challenge living here in the Burbs.