Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So, we are doing it! After years of deliberation we have finally made the big decision.....


Very exciting! It really is the final step in my quest to prove to myself that even here in a barren desert suburb I can live in a way that almost satisfies my inner green person which is really the core of who I am.

We have looked at a lot of different options and none of them seemed quite right. It seems the only way to go solar, (unless one has a lot more money than we do), is to lease the panels, and this can be a big and uncertain commitment.

However, The Sierra Club, of which I am a member, recently did a promotion where it joined with a solar company. After looking into it we decided it was a pretty good deal in comparison to many others, and we were impressed with the information we received from this particular company. They were pretty honest about the risks and benefits and that was what finally sold it for us.

In reality we probably aren't going to save a lot of money over the course of the lease. This is O.K though, if we simply break even I will be happy thinking about all the fossil fuels we will have saved. That is a good enough deal for me.

I will post stuff as it all gets going and show some pictures of the final result.